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2nd Year English: Please click HERE to access your Class Notebook

3rd Year English: Please click HERE to access your Class Notebook

5th Year English: Please click HERE to access your Class Notebook

6th Year English: Please click HERE to access your Class Notebook


Second Year English

Wednesday: Page 33, 34, 35 in portfolio on Act 2 Scene 3

Thursday: Re-Read Act 2 Sc 4 and complete page 36 in portfolio

Friday: Re-Read Act 2 Sc 5 and complete page 37 in portfolio

Monday: Re-Read Act 2 Sc 6 and complete page 38 in portfolio

Tuesday: Page 39 & 40 in portfolio – Revision Quiz

Wednesday: Revision of Quotes on pg 41 & 42

Thursday: Read Act 3 Sc 1 and the scene summary and complete pg 43 of portfolio

Friday: Collection of Texts (Preparing for CBA2)

  • Write your version of Act 3 Scene 1.
  • Include stage directions and notes for your actors on facial expressions, body language and use of props.


3rd Year English

Using the exam papers, complete the following questions:  

Wednesday: Page 18 & 19 

Thursday: Page 31 & 32 

Friday: page 33-34 

Monday: page 36-39 

Tuesday: page 40-41 

Wednesday & Thursday: page 43-45 

Friday: page 46 


5th Year English 

Wednesday: Re-Read Act 2 Scene 1 and make notes on social setting and relationships

Thursday: Compare Act 2 Scene 1 to the confrontation between Eilis and Ms. Kelly in “Brooklyn”. How are these key moments similar/different?

Friday: Go back through the play and compile a list of quotations, at least 3, for each of these characters:

  • Sister Virginia
  • Mother Victoria
  • Juliet
  • Brigid

Monday: Complete the comprehension on Class Notebook

Tuesday: Complete the exam question on Class Notebook

Wednesday: Make a timeline of the key moments in “Eclipsed”

Thursday and Friday: Pick one of the essay titles on Class Notebook and plan your response. Write it and reach 3-4 pages. 


6th Year English

Monday – Wednesday:

  • Use revision sheet to organise your thoughts on Wordsworth (Theme/Language/Style)
  • Plan (paragraph by paragraph) your essay.
  • Write Wordsworth essay and upload to Class Notebook

Thursday & Friday:

  • Read samples on Class Notebook and make notes on features of language/genre
  • Answer Part B questions on Class Notebook

Monday & Tuesday

  • Watch “Hamlet” through the link of Class Notebook and answer the questions


  • Read the sample answer on comparative (Theme) and begin planning a comparative response on the question posted.

Thursday & Friday

  • Do questions on Unseen Poetry in Class Notebook and read revision notes on studied poets.


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