Commemorating the Scariff Martyrs 100 years on

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On Monday 16th November, all of us here at St. Anne’s held a commemoration ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the Scariff Martyrs. These were a group of volunteers belonging to the Fourth Battalion, East Clare Brigade, who were shot and killed, on the bridge between our two towns, by British crown forces.

TY1 held a wreath laying ceremony at the base of our National flag in the morning and unveiled artwork that they created to mark this occasion. This was recorded and played in our classrooms along with a video presentation about the event, which was created by former staff member, Johnny McGrath, in what we have termed D.E.A.L (Drop Everything And Listen) class.

This is a great opportunity for the school community to take part in living history and mark the centenary of a moment in time from our past.

Huge thank you to Ms. McNamara and the history department for all their hard work.

At 11pm Monday night the Scariff Martyrs 100 commemorative committee will live stream their own wreath laying ceremony on their Facebook page.


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