Inspirational student raising money for Cancer services



Emma Flynn 2nd Year is an inspiration to the other students for fundraising for the Mid Western Cancer centre to help support those dealing with Cancer. Here is the story behind her efforts.

Mid-Western Cancer Foundation is an organisation that raises money for the Mid-Western Cancer centre where people with cancer receive treatment and also for the Cancer Support Centre which supplies people who are suffering from cancer or people whos loved ones have cancer with support and also massages. The reason I decided to fundraise for Mid-Western Cancer Foundation was because my dad received many treatments in the cancer centre such as Chemo Therapy and Radio Therapy and I felt I owed them something for taking care of him for the past 13 years that he had cancer. I started this with my dad back in November and we planned 3 bake sales and raffle. At the first and second bakesale we raised approximately €600.  Unfortunately  he passed away on the 14th of December before we could complete the 3rd bakesale. The week after he passed away I decided to go ahead with the third bakesale and the raffle, my friends were great help to me and many people baked for it aswell. In total we raised €1025 and the school kindly donated €600 making our total amount €1625. I presented the cheque to Mid-Western Cancer Foundation on the 27th of May 2016. The money will go towards facilities in the Cancer Cente and also the Support Centre.


Well done Emma for raising money for such a worthy cause.

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