Cyberbullying Talk


On the 7th of May, four TY students along with three teachers attended LIT for the “Stop Cyberbullying” campaign. This campaign originates from America and Canada and this was its firs time coming to Europe. The presentation started with the introduction of guests such as the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland and Senator Tony Mulcahy. The day continued with speakers outlining the different types of cyberbullying. We were then split up and put into different workshops where we working on defining the differences between actual cyberbullying and just being rude or mean. We were then brought back and our ideas were discussed. To finish off our day, we had lunch during which a rick band played through “Wolves of youth” and some more speeches from Carol Todd who spoke about her daughters hardship within her daughters life. Overall it was an interesting and educational experience for both teachers and students. It was a definitely an eye opener for all.


Colin Hart

TY 2014/2015

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