LCVP’s Recipe for Success


Friday saw the LCVP classes travel to Annacotty to Recipe for Success as part of the LCVP course. Students were taken on a journey in business terms of how this business began and grew. Each aspect of the business was explained to the students in a very interactive and practical way. The students were fully engaged in presentation ensuring their understanding of how a business operates, the challenges it faces and the experiences of those involved. After the business talk, students were given a cookery demonstration and more importantly given an opportunity to taste the recipe.

Students were broken up into groups in order to discuss a topic presented to them. Each group had to brainstorm and come up with conclusions on how best to solve the questions given. The students were guided through an LCVP SWOT activity before groups transferred their ideas onto flip boards and presented their ideas to the other groups.

All students had a very enjoyable and education trip and thank you to all at Recipe4Success.

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