Dear Parent/Guardian,

This Wednesday 17th June the school will re-open for a short period under social distancing restrictions for students to retrieve books, jackets, gear bags and other possessions and to empty their school lockers.

Please note TY students are being called separately on Thursday 18th as outlined below to collect TY Certs, TY portfolios and all other belongings.

 This will be the last opportunity to retrieve belongings as there will be no access due to building works (energy upgrade and roof repairs) which will be ongoing from Monday 22nd June.

To manage this effectively we are asking you to adhere to the following time slots.

Wednesday 17th –all students EXCEPT TY

Students be will organised by surnames as follows:

A-B                  9:30-10:00

C                      10:00-10:30

D-F                  10:30-11:00

G-H                 11:00-11:30

I-L                   11:30-12:00

M                     12:00-12:30   (Surnames with M but not the Mc/Mac)

Mc/Mac          12:30-1:00

N-O                 1:00-1:30

P-R                  1:30-2:00

S-T                   2:00-2:30

W-Y                2:30-3:00


Thursday 18th Transition Year Students only  

TY1                  2:00-2:30

TY2                  2:30-3:00

TY3                  3:00-3:30

TY4                  3:30-4:00


The health and safety of all is paramount so please adhere to the following:

  1. Students must queue outside reception at the front of the building keeping 2m apart and will be admitted by staff.
  2. Students will be asked to use hand sanitiser prior to entering the building.
  3. Please remember to bring your key.
  4. Students should bring a bag to place all possessions in.
  5. If a parent cannot help with transport to carry possessions home students may place belongings in a labelled bag outside the building for collection later on Wednesday.
  6. Students are asked not to loiter on the school campus after collection.



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