New school crest for St. Anne’s Community College


Dear School Community…. WE NEED YOU 👉🏼

We are looking to develop a and it is hoped to involve all members of our school community in the design of this emblem.

We hope that this new crest would tell the story of our school’s history, from its Mercy and VEC beginnings, to the fabulous LCETB facility that we enjoy today.
We hope that it would encompass all our school is about, the culture, the ethos, and that it would be a symbol of the values we espouse and of course our place in the wider community of our twin towns.

We would love to see as many entrants as possible in this whole school endeavour to get as many varied and artistic ideas of what the school crest would mean to everyone in our school community. This is open to our local community, past pupils, artists, primary schools etc.

For further information on how you can take part, and the criteria involved, please contact

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