Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I hope this email finds you well and that by now the return to school has become a routine that is working and that while the evenings are drawing in you still find time to enjoy life and the opportunities that it presents to you.

By now you will be getting used to the novelty of the TY Programme and begin to prepare yourself for how busy and active it becomes. To help you to take the challenges it presents us with I am listing here some activities that are coming up in the next couple of months.

TY Students should make good use of their TY Journals to keep up to speed with school life and find a healthy balance between school, home and leisure activities outside of school etc. It is important to take care of yourselves and make sure you have a good balance between study, activities, excercise, sleep and healthy eating. Hopefully TY will help you in achieving this. We want you to enjoy TY but also to care for and look out for yourself and your classmates.

So I hope those of you who were cooking today enjoy the Apple Crumble and we look forward to many more pleasant aromas emanating from the Home Ec. Room in 2016/2017.

Congratulations to all on such excellent Junior Cert. results. Well done. We are proud of your achievements.

So now the all important dates for your diaries:


21 AIB Build A Bank Presentation Dining Area 9.30 to 10.20 All TYs.

23 TY 1 Sailing – Keep in touch with Mr. Gleeson.

26 TY 2 Sailing – Keep in touch with Mr. Gleeson.

27 TY 3 Sailing – Keep in touch with Mr. Gleeson.

28 All TYs to Ennis for the Enterprise/Mini-Company Day – Keep in touch with Ms. Egan, Ms. M. Ryan and Ms. S. McNamara.

29 All TYs To Birr – More information to Come from Mr. O’ Brien next week.

30 All TYs to Birr – Outdoor Education and Teambuilding.



3 TY 2 Sailing.

4 TY 3 Sailing.

6 Irish Heart Foundation Talk to All TYs Dining Area 11.15 to 12.35

7 Bank of Ireland School Bank Presentation to All TYs Dining Area 11.15 to 12.35 TO BE CONFIRMED.

7 TY 2 Bag-Packing in Supervalu Memorial Garden Restoration Fund – Keep in touch with Mr. Murray.

8 TY 2 Bag-Packing in Supervalu Memorial Garden Restoration Fund – Keep in touch with Mr. Murray.

10 TY 2 Sailing

11 TY 3 Sailing

13 Soar Foundation Workshop All TYs –  10 a.m. to 3.20 p.m. More Info To Follow.

14 TY 1 Sailing

21 TY 1 Sailing.


Some Gentle Reminders:

  1. All outstanding TY Fees and School Contribution Money should ideally be paid by Sept.30th or as close to this as possible.
  2. All absences, including requests for family holidays, family events, work experience outside the dates specified, study programmes, etc. must be put in writing to the Principal and TY Co-ordinator with the dates involved and stating clearly the reason/s for the intended absence. We try to facilitate such requests particularly where they compliment the TY programme but it may not always be possible to do so. However, we aim to consider all such requests in a reasonable manner.
  3. Please sign the TY Journal on a weekly basis and also TY 1 Parents can comment on TY 1 Work Experience in the relevant Journal Section at the back of the Journal. TY 2 and 3 Parents will be asked to do so later on but in the meantime you can assist your son/daughter in locating a placement.
  4. Students are reminded that from now on the ‘Permission To Be Out of Class’ page in the Journal MUST be used where students are leaving class for TY related activities. If leaving the school grounds students MUST sign out and back in at the school office.


Many thanks for your support and co-operation to date.

Have an enjoyable weekend and do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of help,

Brendan O’ Brien.

TY Co-ordinator.

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